Information Technology [IT]
The BPO industry in India is fast growing with a recorded growth rate of more than 275%. Even though players/ competitors are innumerable in this field, only a few among them can deliver the demanded accuracy, punctuality and efficiency. As we cover all areas of IT and IT enabled services, our area of business process outsourcing also include a wider range of services for corporate clients and individuals. Some of the services are:
» Web Design & Development
» 2D & 3D Animations
» Interactive CD & Corporate CD presentation
» Software Development
» Back Office Works
Sevenseasgroup calls itself Total IT Consultants and this is because we provide highly customizable solutions tailored to the IT needs of any organization irrespective of the fact whether it is a profit-oriented or non-profit-oriented. This saves our clients a significant amount of money by effectively utilizing their IT budgets by maximizing the impact of their investments. Our company is continuously evolving and growing. The core areas we specialize in are listed below:

Web Design & Development
Our team of web designers and developers has already proved their ability to do just about anything you want when it comes to the Web. Our knowledge and experience in graphic design, website design, website development, web-based application and database integration are vast and vivid. So whether you're a small business owner who wants a simple and static website solution, or a corporate which needs an elaborate and dynamic solution, we can convert your web dreams into reality.
We create eye-catching websites to promote your ideas. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, we have the experience and personnel to design your website, as you demand. We help you to present yourself professionally. We work closely with you to design sites that reflect the quality and service your company represents.
We offer web-content development, graphic design, logo, website graphic creation, animated graphics, flash animations, image scanning and compression.
We develop your website the desired clarity and conciseness. We keep in mind the fact that your viewer will decide whether they are going to stay on your site and read your information or not in the first 2 minutes of their visit. It is important that the site must be easy to navigate and quick to load at the cost of quality. Our web development team has vast experience in the latest net technology to deliver high quality and on the time.

Software Development
Our solutions are customized by all means. We deliver what you need, with the help of a team of skilful professionals, an effective organizational structure and a grasp of the market needs. We provide services built on our core competencies. We work on all life cycle aspects of your customized application starting with the identification of your needs, study of your existing system, specifications for the new system, design, programming, testing, debugging, deployment, training, maintenance and upgrades.

Promotional CDs (Corporate CD documentaries)
Promotional documentaries to market the product and services of a corporate company always ensure large scale high quality visibility for the concerned corporate, enhancing its corporate image. It is highly helpful when used for presentation to clients, targeted audience, customers, and even for mass publicity. Quality promotional CDs always mirror and convey the infrastructure, manufacturing practices, product details and even helps to boost the infrastructural capabilities of the corporate concern. It is a one-time investment unlike the ads released in newspapers or TV channels.

Ad films/short films/animation films
The ten second to one minute ad film commercials are nowadays very popular, and are widely used as TV commercials to sponsor programmes, as slides in theatres etc. The cost factor for making an ad film will be very less when the client opt for a corporate CD, as visual footages used in that CD could be also utilized in the ad films.

Animation short films
Nowadays animation short films, comparatively cost effective, are widely used in commercials. We offer high quality animation films at a very competitive rate in comparison to the prevailing rates in the industry.

Business CD cards
This is again a recent innovation where you carry a visiting card size website of your activities, even with movies, animation, brochure, photos, text, interactive designs etc. Mini square & round CDs of 28 MB to 250 MB can be created.