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Migration to Australia

The Australian Migration have 3 steps thats are:Skill Assessment, Invitation/Sponsorship & Visa application.
Australia Skilled migration has been designed in a way that it only targets migrants who have exceptionally good skills & technical abilities which could help in benefitting the Australian Economy, Health and the Community. Bringing the people to Australia- who are experts in certain fields to increases the size and the skill level of the Australian labor force. Applicants get an edge when they are sponsored by employers of Australia or when nominated by a state territory or government under a State Migration Plan.

For Example: A Nurse can Migrate to Australia only if She/He hold the Australian Nursing registration & required work experience. A nurse can apply for skilled migration(PR direct) or Sponsorship work permit & this work permit will lead to PR.
Eligibility Criteria for migrate to Australia:
• The candidate should get an invitation form the Australian Government to apply Skilled migration Program
• The applicant/candidate must be nominated for an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list.
• The applicant must possess a skill assessment certificate from a relevant Australian authority
• The applicant should score the required Migration points
• The applicant should have a competent level of English.
• The applicant should not be aged above 50/52 years.

The Australian Government has four types of immigration programs:
1. Points Based Skilled Migration: – It’s a type of migration program in which the applicant/candidate subjected to points test based on their skills, Once the applicant obtains the required level of points they get elected so that they can contribute to the growth of the Australian Economy seamlessly.
2. Permanent Employer Sponsored Program: – This type of Migration program allows the employers to nominate workers from foreign countries to fill up vacancies they have in their business. The nominated candidate can migrate to Australia once they are done with all the standard procedures.
3. Business Innovation & Investment Program: – This program allows skilled entrepreneurs who have a reputable history of success in business & innovation can migrate to Australia
4. Distinguished Talent:- Individuals who possess a unique set of skills and those who are internationally recognised in fields such as sports, musicians, artists are capable to apply for this program.

Types Of Visa: 1. Australian General Skilled Migration Program(Subclass 198)
This visa is for individuals who migrate to Australia through the points-based system.
2. Skilled Nominated Migration visa(subclass 190)
This visa is for individuals who migrate to Australia through the points-based system who are nominated by an employer or family member or Australian State or territory government
3. Skilled Regional Provisional visa(subclass 491)
This type of visa allows skilled workers to live & work in certain specified regions of Australia under Australia Skilled migration for a period of up to 4 years. This particular visa can be obtained only through invitation.
4. Temporary Worker Skilled visa(subclass 482)
Temporary Skilled Worker Visa allows the candidate migrate to Australia and work in their nominated occupation for a period of up to 4 years. The candidate is eligible for this visa only if he/she is sponsored by a business which is approved.
5. Australian Skilled Employer General(subclass 186)
This is a permanent visa for the skilled workers which allows them to work in Australia under the below-mentioned streams.
• The Temporary Residence Transition Stream
• The Direct Entry Stream
• The Agreement Stream
6. Australian Skilled Employer Regional Sponsored(sub 494)
This visa is for the skilled workers who are sponsored by a company in Australia.

Migration to New Zealand
The New Zealand Skilled Migration visa category has been designed to attract highly-skilled migrants to New Zealand, particularly in those industries and regions of New Zealand experiencing growth and skills shortages. This Scheme have two stages that is: Expression of Interest & Invitation to apply Residency. The applicant should score 100 points to able to lodge and EOI. You will be guaranteed selection for application of residence if you score at least 140 points or you have an existing job offer.

Once the application submit You will receive an invitation with validity 4months to apply residence visa within 2 weeks. The residence visa application current processing time is 4 to 6 months.
The procedures we can express as: Basic Requirements, Points system, Expression of Interest, Invitation to apply for Residence & Decision making. To be considered for immigration to New Zealand as a Skilled Migrant, you must meet the following pre-requisites and basic requirements before lodging an Expression of Interest:
You must be in good health
You must be of good character
You must have a reasonable standard of English
You must be under the age of 56years
You must be registered with the relevant registration authority for your profession
You need to meet 100 points to lodge an EOI
English Language requirements: The principal applicant must have an overall band score of 6.5 in IELTS general or academic or PTE - 58 academic or OET - B. The applicants Spouse/Partner will need an overall score of at least 5 in the IELTS general or academic or PTE 36 or TOEFL 35.

Points for the Age:
20 - 29years - 30 points
30 - 39years - 25 points
40 - 44years - 20 points
45 - 49years - 10 points
50 - 55years - 05 points
You can gain 10 points for having close family already living in the New Zealand

Points for Employment:
Having a job offer in NZ - 50points
Currently working in skilled job in NZ for <1y-50points
Currently working in skilled job in NZ for >1y-60points

Employment bonus Points:
In an identified future growth area-10points
In an area of absolute skills shortage-10points
In a region outside Auckland-30points
Partner/Spouse has a skilled job or job offer-20points

Points for work experience in skilled employment: 2years-10points

Bonus points for NZ work experience:
3years+ 15points

Bonus points for work experience in an identified future growth area:
2-5years - 10points
6years+ - 15points

Bonus points for work experience in an area of absolute skills shortage:
2-5years - 10points
6years+ - 15points

Diploma - 40points
Degree - 50points
Masters/Doctorate - 60points

Bonus points for NZ Qualifications: 2years full-time study in NZ completing a Degree-10points
1y NZ study completing a post-graduate degree-10points
2y NZ study completing a post-graduate degree-15points
Qualification in an identified future growth area-10points
Qualification in an area of absolute skills shortage-10points
Partner/Spouse holds a level 4-6 qualification- 10points
Migration to Canada
There is excellent opportunity for migrate to Canada, it’s most popular migration category known as the Express Entry System. Its a fast-track system for immigrants for highly skilled workers. The skills and abilities of a candidate are assessed based on a point-based system known as the Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) where the Canadian government assesses the applicants and awards scores. The Express Entry System targets and gives permanent residency status to applicants who have the ability to contribute for the innovative growth and economic prosperity of Canada. Lakhs of people migrated to Canada through this system from worldwide.

Selection Factors Under Canada Express Entry:
Once the application submitted for the Express Entry this will process based on six selection factors under CRS to determine the eligibility of the applicant that is:
1. Education: A maximum of 25 points can be awarded to the qualification of the applicant for the Express Entry System applicant if he/she possesses a master’s or a Ph..D. and has at least 17 years of full-time work experience.
2. Language: A maximum of 24 points are awarded if he/she is proficient in both the official languages of Canada, which are English and French: IELTS is an English test taken for international study, migration and work. Target high score in the IELTS will help to get CRS score. Minimum IELTS will be 6 in all bands, A score of 8 in Listening and 7 in all other bands will help to get high score in the CRS - this will help to get invitation from Canada to load your visa application Additional Points for French language: Additional points are awarded to applicants who are proficient in the French language regardless of their proficiency in English. Test results at level 7 or higher in the Niveaux de compétence Linguistique canadiens (NCLC) test in all four bands (listening, speaking, reading and writing) will be awarded 15 points; a total of 30 additional points will be awarded.
3. Experience: A maximum of 15 points can be awarded if he/she has 12 months of full-time experience or an equivalent part-time experience under the NOC classified skill types.
4. Age: A maximum of 12 points are awarded based on their age under the point system.
5. Arranged Employment: Express Entry candidate can be awarded a maximum of 10 points if he/she has a full-time job offer from a Canadian employer verified by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).
6. Adaptability: Express Entry candidate can be awarded 10 additional points for spouse’s education, previous work experience in Canada and if he/she has any family member/ relatives living in Canada.

Applicants for the Express Entry System must obtain a minimum of 67 points out of 100 points. According to the Immigration,Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC), if your score is higher or equivalent to 67 you can immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, If your score is lower than 67, you do not qualify to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker but you can try for any other visa program.